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Goodbye old website, you served well while it lasted.

2013 Was a year of goodbyes, first we decided to move to a new showroom, what most of you already know. We moved from a 900m² and 300m² warehouse to a 3000m² showroom and 2000m² storage in one large industrial space. MassModernDesign and MidMod-Design combined in the same space. We stayed in Roosendaal and are only a few minutes away from our old spaces. The presentation is remarkable and much better than you were used to.

At the end of 2013 we also decided to say goodbye to our old website. It was a great website as long as it lasted, but it was time for a change and improvement. The new website is improved in every point. It will be quicker, in higher quality and more functional. The new website has more functions and options than before. It will be easier to work with for our clients but also for ourselves to improve sales and staying updated daily. We are happy to present you our new website today, 15-3-2014. Have a look and enjoy the new system and furniture we listed.

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