Derek Carruthers triple ripple artwork United Kingdom 1966





“Triple Ripple,” created by Derek Carruthers in the United Kingdom in 1966, is a striking large-scale wall sculpture that exemplifies the innovative spirit of mid-20th century art. This impressive artwork is a testament to Carruthers’ skillful use of materials and his keen eye for color and form. It was made in his own atelier in the 1960s. The sculpture is composed of three distinct colored shapes, each contributing to its dynamic presence. The top part, crafted from off-white polyester, provides a subtle, neutral tone that contrasts beautifully with the rest of the piece. The middle section is made of aluminum, adding a sleek, metallic element that introduces both visual and textural contrast. The bottom part, in black polyester, anchors the piece with its bold, dark hue, creating a striking balance with the lighter elements above.


Adding to the sculpture’s complexity is its structural frame, constructed from black painted wood and finished with aluminum strips. This frame not only supports the piece but also enhances its modern, industrial aesthetic. A particularly intriguing feature of “Triple Ripple” is the rotating gear wheel in the middle section. This kinetic detail imbues the artwork with a sense of movement and mechanical ingenuity, engaging viewers and inviting them to interact with the piece on a deeper level. The thoughtful combination of colors and materials in “Triple Ripple” highlights Carruthers’ innovative approach to art. The interplay between the off-white, aluminum, and black elements creates a visually captivating experience, while the artwork’s impressive size ensures it commands attention in any space.


Directly sourced from the estate of Derek Carruthers, this piece carries significant provenance. It is hand-signed on the back, reading “Carruthers, Triple Ripple 1966,” further affirming its authenticity and historical importance. The sculpture remains in good original condition, preserving its integrity and the artist’s original vision. “Triple Ripple” is not just a wall sculpture; it is a remarkable blend of artistry and engineering, a true testament to Derek Carruthers’ creative genius and a standout piece in any collection of modern art.


Derek Carruthers, an artist in various media and teacher, born in Penrith, Cumberland. Studied art at King’s College, Newcastle University, 1953–7, teachers including Victor Pasmore and Lawrence Gowing. Taught at Sunderland College of Art, 1957–64, and eventually retired as professor of fine art at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham. Carruthers was early influenced by Pasmore, but eventually went through what he called a “post-Modernist rethink” and produced metaphysical landscapes. He had solo shows at Univision Gallery, Newcastle, in 1957 and at Drian Galleries, 1963–5. Was included in the Arts Council show Construction England, 1963, and in Belgrave Gallery’s 1992 exhibition British abstract art of the 50s and 60s. Carruthers’ work was part of L.S. Lowry and those he inspired, an exhibition organised by Danny Greening Fine Art at Gallery 27 in 2004. Leicester University and public galleries in Bradford and Kendal hold his work. Lived in Nottingham.

Designer: Derek Carruthers
Type: Wall sculpture
Manufacturer: Own atelier
Year: 1966
Country: United Kingdom
Materials: Polyester, wood, aluminium
Condition: Good, original
Height: 183 cm
Width: 64 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Item nr: PMF23AU29

Holland / Belgium: € Free
Europe: € 150 - 500
Outside Europe: € 750 - 1250

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