Niels Moller

Denmark, 1920 – 1982

Niels Otto Møller was born in 1920 in Århus, Denmark. After completing an apprenticeship in cabinetmaking in 1939, he enrolled at the Århus School of Design for further studies. In 1944 he opened his own furniture company, JL Møllers Møbelfabrik, in a small workshop in his hometown with strict technical production. By 1952 the company had begun exports to Germany and the US. With increased production, they found themselves in need of more space and opened a larger facility just outside of Århus in Højbjerg. By 1974 they were exporting to Japan where their minimalist designs proved extremely popular. Japan remains one of the company’s biggest markets today.


The company received prestigious rewards such as the Danish Furniture Prize in 1974 and in 1981. J.L.Mollers Mobelbrik still exists. This is always a familial company which is managed by Jorgen Henrik Moller, the son of Niels Otto Moller.


The pieces of furniture designed by Moller are really elegant and high quality. They are made in several types of natural and stained woods. His creations are representative of the Danish post-war style. All of the chairs he designed are beautiful and comfortable and although they were designed decades ago, some of the chairs are still in production. Rosewood especially is very loved amongst mid century enthusiasts because the chairs are no longer produced in this protected wood.


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