Max Ingrand

Max Ingrand
France 1908-1969
Artist, Decorator

Max Ingrand was a prominent French-Italian designer and architect known for his exceptional contributions to the world of decorative arts and lighting design. Born on November 20 1908 in Bressuire, France, Ingrand’s creative journey began in his early years. Ingrand’s passion for art and design led him to study at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He developed a keen eye for aesthetics and craftsmanship during this period. In 1929, he moved to Italy and became a naturalized Italian citizen. Throughout his career, Ingrand collaborated with renowned design firms, including Fontana Arte (where he was artistic direcotor) and Arteluce, leaving an indelible mark on the world of lighting design. His innovative approach and ability to combine various materials such as glass, metal, and wood allowed him to create stunning and iconic lighting fixtures.


Ingrand’s designs were characterized by their elegance, simplicity, and harmonious proportions. He experimented with different forms, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. His lighting creations often featured exquisite glasswork, intricate patterns, and a balance between functionality and artistic expression. Notably, Ingrand’s designs were not limited to lighting. He also worked on various architectural projects, including the redesign of interiors for luxury hotels, public spaces, and private residences. His architectural work reflected his passion for creating cohesive and visually stunning environments that seamlessly integrated with the surrounding space.


Max Ingrand’s legacy in the world of design continues to inspire and influence contemporary designers. His innovative use of materials, attention to detail, and timeless aesthetic continue to captivate design enthusiasts worldwide. Ingrand’s contributions have left an indelible mark on the world of design and serve as a testament to his talent, vision, and dedication to creating enduring works of art.


Important literature; 

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Fontana Arte – Gio Ponti, Pietro Chiesa, Max Ingrand – Franco Deboni, 2012

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