Nearly every piece that becomes part of our collection needs some attention after years of usage, can be a small clean up, some small repairs, new glue or a new finish. Every single piece that comes in we check both historically and on its functionality. We want to keep the piece as original as possible especially because our customers value the authenticity of a years old piece of furniture and the vintage look it radiates. In the atelier from MMD we aim for the best fitting outcome a piece of furniture needs. We only work on a piece of furniture if it means we will improve it. So we will not restore completely destroyed pieces which are no longer of value in our eyes. We clean, touch up, refinish, restore small parts. The biggest part of the piece of furniture needs to stay authentic. Preferably we do as little as possible to keep the old look a vintage piece deserves.

Of course if special adjustments need to be made to the client wishes, we are able to provide. We are also your partner to restore the pieces you already own. We work in a small but dedicated and experienced team of woodworkers, metal workers and carpenters. With over 15 years of experience in the field of 20th century furniture, we know what is good for a piece and what’s not. Feel free to inquire.

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